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Forming part of the overall heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, the Air Handling Unit is that which conditions and circulates the air in the building.


As we manufacture all our own AHUs we are in a position to offer an exhaustive range of designs or build a unit to your precise specifications. From single supply air units, to complete units with heat recovery, to systems with built-in regulations, Addvent Air Systems Ltd is the one to choose for experience, quality and choice.


We also specialise in 'flatpack' units where the AHUs are supplied in kit form and built within inaccessible spaces.

Our offices and workshop are equipped with the latest state of the art equipment to provide and build all your requirements whether it be for heating, cooling, filtering, recuperation or attenuation.

For the most cost-effective solutions tailored to you

Bespoke AHUs up to 15 m³/s

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